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Time to Spring Forward: Encourage a Healthy Bladder with Diet Changes

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Ahh…spring is here.  Longer days, warmer evenings, shorter clothes and bigger smiles are around the corner. Good news for sure, but experts advise that UTIs (urinary tract infections) are more prevalent in the warmer weather months. That makes it important to start monitoring your intake of water to make sure you’re drinking frequently, and take steps to start adjusting your diet to include bladder-friendly foods that may limit urinary problems this season.

What foods should you avoid to promote bladder health? Acidic foodveggiess, spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine are thought to irritate the lining of the bladder. Elizabeth Kavaler, M.D., a female-focused urologist and author of the book, A Seat On The Aisle, Please! suggests that dietary modifications remain one of the mainstays of treatment for sensitive bladders.  The best way to determine which foods irritate your bladder is to eliminate all foods/beverages within the acidic, spicy, alcoholic and caffeinated groups altogether. Then, reintroduce each group one at a time. If the symptoms (e.g. burning, urgency/frequency, pressure, pain) return after the introduction of a particular food, then that food is likely the irritant. If you’re prone to UTIs, consider adding Cystex® Cranberry Urinary Health Complex to your diet to help promote urinary health. One tablespoon is just one calorie and all you need for UTI protection. Making these adjustments in your diet and drinking plenty of water will help make your bladder happier and healthier…

Dr. Kavaler gives her diet advice in this video, as part of the Kavaler’s Korner Video Series by Cystex.

Dr. Kavaler is an important part of the online community that Cystex® has created and is looking forward to providing valuable information on urinary tract infections and urinary health. Look for her “Dr. Kavaler’s Korner” tips on our Facebook page, and join in our discussion!
Please note: This expert is providing advice and opinion for informational purposes only, which should not be construed as a formal medical diagnosis by a physician. The experts and DSE Healthcare, maker of the Cystex® brand, urge you to speak with your own health care provider for proper diagnosis and treatment of any medical conditions.